Can You Live Without Air Conditioner?

You can probably live without Air Conditioner during the pleasant days of spring and fall, but what about summer and winter’s harsh climate? So, the answer is definitely, no. You can not live without Air Conditioner.

To illustrate this claim with a couple of examples.


Sweat stains, nobody likes that, unless you are at the gym. Imagine you don’t have an AC, and you have to deal with the sweat all day long. It isn’t a pleasant feeling everyone would agree.

2. Sleeping troubles

Not having an AC can cost you a good night’s sleep. Hot summer nights will make you rolling in a bed all night long, having trouble falling asleep. Not to mention waking up cranky to a crack of dawn.

3. Summer can ruin your favorite drink

You can’t possibly enjoy your favorite cold drink sticking to your couch in a hot living room without an AC.

4. What about mosquitoes?

Without an AC, you will have to make a draft to cool yourself down. But then you can have mosquitos in your home, along with plenty of other bug species seeking food and shelter.

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