The Perfect Spot For Your AC

When getting a new air conditioner for your home, installing the correct size and model is very important. An incorrectly sized air conditioner can give you troubles such as removing humidity, all leading to comfort issues. You also have to think about where do you want to put your AC.

If you have thought about changing the location of an AC, replacing time is a perfect time to make it happen.

Look for a shaded place for your outdoor unit.

The hotter the temperature is outside, the greater your air conditioner will work to keep you cool and comfortable. Keeping the air conditioner out of direct sunlight can help it last longer and save you the electricity bill. In an ideal situation, the air conditioner is installed on the north or east side of your home.

Factors that determine where to install an AC in a room:

  • Location of your windows
  • Current ventilation
  • Electrical appliances in the room
  • Number of lightbulbs in the room
  • The material of your floor!

This question is even more valuable if you have children or a baby.
AC should make your life easier, not make you or your family sick.
The safest option is to leave it to the professionals to determine where the outdoor and indoor air conditioning units should be located.

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