Cooling With A Baby In The House

When warmer days come, you need to make sure your baby is not feeling hot in the apartment. A baby has different heating or cooling requirements from adults. Keep an eye on your baby if she sweats, feels nervous, or has any rash.

If any of these happens, your baby needs cooling, and it’s time to switch on your AC. In the beginning, it is crucial to ignore some energy rules now! You have to leave a door or a window open to refresh the indoor air. Also, you should close your air conditioner periodically and open all doors for 3 or 4 minutes.The room needs the feeling of freshness, but you should also adjust your unit to 27-28 degrees and never below. The well-known rule says that the desired temperature should be 10 to 12 degrees lower than the outside temperature.

Summer heat is worse for babies’ health than the potential problems an AC unit can cause. The microorganisms of filters do not suppose to worry you if you are cleaning them frequently. You also need to call a technician for maintenance on your units at the begging of each season!

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