Make Your HVAC Last Long

One of the most enduring questions in all of HVAC contracting is: When should a customer repair equipment, and when should one replace the entire system?

Progress in technology has extended the life cycle of every product in the industry while at the same time are creating a need to replace equipment more frequently to take advantage of the most efficient offerings on the market.

How Long Does An HVAC System Last?

There are a great many factors that go into projecting how long a system should last. It varies based on run-time hours per day, proximity to corrosive contaminants, and how well the equipment has been maintained. Based on these variables, the lifespan will range from 10 to even 30 years!

If repair parts are no longer available or some component, such as refrigerant, has or will become obsolete, the system most likely will need to be replaced.

In all other cases, it will be important how we take care of our HVAC and how seriously we approach regular maintenance. Do not allow the second reason to shorten the life of your air conditioner and schedule maintenance now!

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