Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning

Here are some interesting Air Conditioning facts that you might haven’t heard. Hopefully, they will amuse you.

1. The trend is your friend

There is a saying at Wall Street, “The trend is your friend.” We think they take it quite literally. Namely, the first building that featured modern air conditioning in the USA was the New York Stock Exchange. It was installed back in 1902.

2. The market crashed that year

The first president to have air conditioning installed in a White House was Herbert Hoover. However, the timing wasn’t right. It was the year 1929. the exact year of the stock market crash, so the investment in AC seemed a bit luxurious.

3. How should we name it?

Before it was widely known as Air Conditioning, there was the slightest chance for our beloved cooling system to be called – An apparatus for treating the air. It is too much. Don’t you agree?

4. Size does matter

The first air conditioners were too big, too heavy, and expensive for the public. For example, one was 6ft tall and wide and 20ft long. It took hard work for the innovators to downsize it to the latest dimensions.

5. AC to the rescue

There is a list of drugs that require cold storage. Without the invention of air conditioning, many medications would never have been invented, or at least we wouldn’t know how to preserve them. Think about it some diseases would’ve never been cured. So we all have to thank Willis Carrier, the inventor of the AC.

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