What is a good indoor humidity level in summer?

When humidity levels are high in the home, there is too much moisture. This not only causes discomfort but can be damaging to your home. Managing ideal indoor humidity should be a priority for every homeowner, especially when it comes to tailoring your cooling preferences to meet your personal home needs.
ASHRAE* suggests a range of 45% – 55% humidity to manage health effects and illnesses.Humidity holds heat, so if there is excess humidity inside your home, your air conditioner has to work harder to remove it. Sometimes just opening your window will help lower your humidity levels. However, you don’t want to do this too much when your air conditioner is running.

Does Air Conditioning Reduce Humidity?
The air conditioner will be effective at controlling humidity only if it is correctly sized for the amount of work it needs to do. Your air conditioning unit consumes your warm air through your house’s ductwork and uses the cool evaporator coil to suck the moisture from the air. Upon doing so, it drains and removes that moisture from your home and releases it outside.

Bottom Line
Make sure your HVAC system is running properly. Routine maintenance can help you deal with hot and humid Weather.

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