Best Dog Breeds for an Apartment

Thinking of getting a new four-legged friend?

If you live in an apartment you are probably thinking of a dog breed that sheds very little, the one that is hypoallergenic, and of course the most suitable for kids.

On the other hand, we have to look for breeds that don’t mind living in noisier and smaller spaces, the ones that are usually quiet and happy to be around you the whole time.

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The Best Dog Breeds for an Apartment

1. Bichon Frise
This fluffy little white dog is utterly charming and loves company!

2. Bernedoodle
Bernedoodle is relatively laid back, quiet and kids adore it!

3. Greyhound
Despite its size, a greyhound is a perfect dog for your home! It has short hair and doesn’t shed much.

4. American Hairless Terrier
If you want to constantly have fun around you, this dog breed is a perfect choice! It is hairless, so they are about as hypoallergenic as it’s possible to get!

5. Basenji
Basenji is a little dog that barely sheds and a lot less likely to drag allergens into your house than other breeds!If you have a small space, but a big heart, choose the one (or maybe two) breeds that suit your lifestyle the most.
Keep in mind that your little friend will always need fresh water, food, someone to play with, lots of love, and of course high indoor air quality! Make sure your pet loves AC, here are some tips on the HVAC unit and your pet!

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