HVAC Tips For Spring Cleaning

The arrival of spring is the perfect time to refresh and clean your home.

Check if you have everything you need for a spring cleaning – all cleaning products, rags, and brooms. Also, prepare garbage bags and larger cardboard boxes in which you will put garbage.

When all this is done, don’t forget to take care of your HVAC, too. Remember, these are the lungs of your home!

Four spring HVAC maintenance tips

1. Replace the HVAC Filter.

2. Adjust the thermostat.

Don’t forget to change the temperature settings to keep your family comfortable! The recommendation is to program a daytime temperature of 76 degrees and an overnight temperature of 86 degrees.

3. Clean the exterior unit.

The exterior unit has an impact on cooling performance. Take 5 minutes to remove leaves and twigs and trim the grass around the unit.

4. Schedule AC maintenance.

Complete air conditioner maintenance requires expertise and precision. That is why we recommend leaving this part to a professional. Contact our experienced team and schedule HVAC maintenance today!

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