Frozen – HVAC Story

As we are now deep into the winter months, we all need to remember to watch out for the frozen pipes. Frozen pipes are the number one common winter HVAC issue. They can forever ruin the homeowner’s chance to warm up. Don’t let thermometer drops mess up your happiness. We know how to fix this issue.

Frozen pipes

Pipes and coils can freeze over and cease to function well during the winter months. It happens because the temperature drops, causing the ice to accumulates. Frozen water can’t flow within piping, causing heater failure.

How to fix frozen pipes problems?

1.Shut off your water supply to that plumbing section

2.Wrap the pipes with warming tape

3.Always keep mop, bucket, towels, and sponges at your hand in case of bursting pipe

4.Call your plumber

5.Call your local HVAC technician for cleaning and early checkup to prevent bursting pipes

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