Cold Winter in Boston

It is well-known that the summers are warm and the winters are very cold and wet in Boston.

Right now the temperatures are very low and it’s important for every homeowner to know how to fight them. That’s why we bring you the list of things you should do during the winter months to ensure that your HVAC system runs efficiently!

  • Replace Your Furnace Filter

A furnace is a system with a thermostat, which detects fall or rise in temperature in a room, and regulates it by heating the air through fluids.
This filter should be replaced every 3 months (or more if it’s dirty). A clogged furnace filter can impact performance while also taking a toll on the internal mechanics of your unit.

  • Clean Your Air Ducts

Dust and debris are circulating through your home and you have no idea… When was the last time you checked and cleaned your air ducts? Can’t remember? Well, it’s probably been too long then.
When you clean your air ducts you prevent blockages that have the potential to impact how much warm air reaches your living space.

  • Check your thermostat settings

Your thermostat needs to be set to the correct temperature and timing to keep your home comfortable. Be sure to check the batteries too as they play a big role in the proper functioning thermostat.

  • Protect Your AC Unit

Cover your AC unit and protect it from the effects of ice and snow. This is extremely important, especially for places with harsh winter such as Boston.

Everyone wants a warm and pleasant home you can come to after a long day at work. Be sure to make that possible by following these steps and enjoy your time indoors! Of course, if you need any help with your HVAC system give us a call!

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