The Most Common Dry Air Issues

The most common problem people with HVAC systems experience is the dry air. Dry air can cause many complications. Some are major, some minor but non the fewer issues that need to be resolved. Sometimes you don’t even know that the problem you are dealing with is dry air related. Here are the most common issues that indicate the air in our home is dry.

1. Dry skin
Dry air can damage your skin. It’s not a matter of vanity. It is a matter of health. Only properly hydrated skin inside and out can protect us from bacteria breach.

2. Squeaky floors
Dry air pulls out all the moisture from wooden materials. That means if your floors are squeaky and windows are bent, you have dry air in your home. Deformities of wood don’t look nice. They also lead to poor insulation that can cost you a lot of money.

3. Health issues
Respiratory issues, dehydration, itchy nose, nosebleed are the most common health issues caused by the dry air. Not only that we need to drink a certain amount of water each day to survive, but we also need the air we breathe to contain the right amount of water.4. Damage of valuable possessions
Think about your valuable possessions like books, vine collections, instruments, or furnishings. It is proven that dry air can damage them all. You can experience tuning issues with instruments, wrinkly books, chipped corks that can ruin your wine, cracked wallpapers.

5. Damage to electronic devices
We can not imagine living in the 21st century without electronic devices. If we want to prolong their lifespan, we should pay attention to dry air. Dry air tends to create static electricity, which can cause electronic devices malfunctions.

How to prevent dry air issues?

If you wonder how to prevent the air in your home from getting dry, you can read all on this topic in one of our previous blogs.

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