How to Cool Down When Your Ventilation System is Broken?

Nothing lasts forever. So we have to learn to live it up, take chances, and avoid all that drama that surrounds us. But, it’s so hard to live in the moment when your A/C is broken, and the thermometer is showing the extreme summer temperatures. You have every reason for panic unless you have succeded to schedule an urgent reparation and HVAC cleaning appointment.

If, by chance, you have to wait a long period for your appointment, here’s what you can do to cool yourself out.

1. Water
Water is essential for life. Health organizations commonly recommend eight glasses of water per day, which equals about 2 liters. During hot summer days, you should even drink more water to stay hydrated. Store it in a freezer and preferably add some cucumber, mint leaves, or strawberries.

2. Quick shower
Noting feels so refreshing like a quick shower. Set the water temperature as you like and enjoy it as many times as you want to during the day. Also, you can make a bubble bath with some mint leaves, which will additionally cool you down.

3. Bedsheets
Change your bed sheets more frequently. Choose linen sheets since linen tends to trap less heat than cotton, it’s breathable and has natural temperature regulating properties.

4. Curtains
Keep the curtains closed. Dark once will do the best job in keeping the sun’s rays out. Do this first thing in the morning and open them up after the night falls. Also, opening the windows during the night will help.

5. Fans
Ceiling fans are the best, but any fan is good enough when your AC is out. A trick is to place a bowl of ice water in front of a fan. Sitting near a fan can reduce your body temperature by helping sweat evaporate from your skin.

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