Miami Heat

Global warming hit us hard. It has an impact in all places in the world. One of the main impacts is polar melting which causing a rise in sea level threating to completely swallow entire countries.

One of this threatened region is Florida, Miami. Not only that the sea level is rising but also the greenhouse effect affects temperature rising too.

We all remember last summer when the temperature level reached a record high of 92 degrees. Well, here are the news: “Hot trend won’t change anytime soon”!

A recent study showed that the days of deadly summer temperatures are upon us. Such heat could have significant public health implications, especially in a major city like Miami, especially for there are plenty of people here who don’t have air conditioning in their houses.How to fight Miami Heat?

1. For those who don’t have A/C, we suggest getting one ASAP!
2. If you own A/C make sure that

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