HVAC and Health in Rhode Island

Health impacts our well-being in all aspects, including success at work, personal life and reaching our fullest potential. Health is critical to a child’s development thus it is very important to deal with health prevention.

According to the Department of Health of the State of Rhode Island, the percentage of children with asthma is above the national average. Since 2012 the number of children with asthma is growing.

How is the HVAC system related to asthma?

If it is maintained well HVAC system can actually reduce allergens and improve indoor air quality. With the high indoor air quality, people with asthma can rest assured that they will not have health complications. There are many options to optimize your HVAC system we present you with three.

1. Annual maintenance
There are many indoor air pollutants such as dust mites, pollen, mold, pet dander. Usually, these allergens can build up in your HVAC system and can easily trigger an allergic reaction or asthma seizure. That is why annual maintenance is very important.

2. Changing filters
Invest in a good quality filter. Most high-efficiency filters are rated from 14 to 16 which is enough to remove small particles. The best filters are HEPA filters which are rated from 17 to 20. As your local air duct cleaning services at Rhode Island, we use one of the most expensive and best quality equipment with 3 stage HEPA filtration.

3. Humidity control
One of the many triggers for asthma is humidity. You can easily get rid of it by simply installing a dehumidifier to create a healthy indoor environment for your family.

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