2020 HVAC Trends

Everything evolves, people, animals, plants, bacteriae… Besides the living organisms, thanks to human persistency and curiosity, science and technology also evolve. Look at the HVAC example, back in ancient Rome they use the aqueduct to circulate water and cool the area, during the 1900’s Willis Carrier invented HVAC technology, and since then, things have changed big time. Nowadays, HVAC technology is trying hard to keep up with market needs, technology novelties, and government regulations. Here are the latest HVAC trends for 2020.

1. Green technology

DOE efficiency requirements established energy-efficiency standards for certain appliances and equipment. For the HVAC that standards would be increased efficiency of about 25-30% by the beginning of 2023. It means that HVAC technology has to be environmentally friendly. The electronic parts have to be made to save energy, and they have to be sustainable and energy-efficient as much as it is possible.

2. Smart HVAC

Smart HVAC technology has many benefits, such as reduced operating expenses, savings, greater control, and the most important remote control. Thanks to mobile apps, smart technology allows homeowners to control HVAC technology from any place. Also, the alert system comes handy when maintenance is needed.

3. Solar and Geothermal HVAC

A solar HVAC unit can be used for both heating and cooling. It can be placed on existing buildings as well as new ones. Because solar energy is clean and abundantly available, you can save money on utility bills and save the planet. Using clean renewable energy sources to power up the HVAC system is the choice that is right for our planet and people’s health.

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