The Greatest HVAC Myths

1. Closing the vents in the rooms you don’t use often, will save you an energy
This is false. Closing the vents can cause increasing of air pressure in the ducts. Increased pressure is bad for many reasons. For example, it can cause leaks at the vent system. Your system will work louder than usual. You will experience higher energy bills.

2. The bigger is better
Well, not in this case. If the HVAC system is too large for your space, you will lose the money. It will work on and off. When it brings the temperature up, it will turn off. After temperature cools down unit will turn on again. This on and off switching is gonna affect your energy bill.

3. The energy-efficient unit will save you money on your monthly bills
This may be partially the truth. Yes, the energy-efficient unit is, as the name says, efficient, but many different factors can minimize that efficiency. For example, if your insulation is bad, you can kiss efficiency good buy. You will certainly lose more energy through poorly insulated windows and doors than your unit can produce it.

4. Turn up the thermostat when it is cold outside
Your thermostat runs independently from the temperature outside. Nevermind the outside weather conditions, the temperature inside should be constant, so do not turn it up, no matter how cold is the weather. This rule only applies if your insulation is in good condition.

5. If your HVAC unit isn’t broken, you don’t have to maintain it
This is false. Just because your unit looks good and sounds good, you can never tell what is going on inside.  Regular maintenance is recommended at least once a year.

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