5 Tips for Saving on Your Energy Bills During Winter Time

Winter is at our doorsteps. As usual, we will invest a lot in keeping our homes warm but that doesn’t mean that we should waste energy or get flat broke. Here are a few tips on how to keep your costs down.

1.Invest in winter accessories

Nothing like watching TV bundled up in your favorite sofa. Sometimes feeling cold can ruin the whole idyllic atmosphere. Instead of turning on thermostat higher you should consider putting on a cozy wool sweater and socks or maybe even wrap yourself in a soft blanket.

2. Insulate the floors and windows

Bare floors can look and feel so cold especially during winter time. We suggest you insulate them. The most practical way of doing so is to add a colorful area rug. You can also insulate windows and doors with some insulating foam or draft-proofing strips preventing energy from escaping.

3. Adjust the thermostat at night

Turn the thermostat down to 15 degrees while you are sleeping. That is approximately 8 hours of energy saving. By adjusting your thermostat during the night, you can save up to even 12 percent per year on your energy bill.

4. Clean your ducts on a regular basis

Keeping your vents clean will reduce energy consumption. Call on air duct cleaning service from your neighborhood for your monthly checkup.

5. Only heat the rooms you need

It is important to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room we spent most of the time. That room is usually livingroom. As for the rest of the rooms such as laundries and bathrooms you can just turn off the thermostat or lower it down.

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