HVAC in Hollywood

“Space may be the final frontier but it’s made in a Hollywood basement”. This line reminds us that Hollywood is one big, shiny factory of dreams, where everything becomes bigger, better, shinier. A lot of actors have been standing in the line, to get their 5 minutes of glory. What about the HVAC role in the movie industry? Have you not noticed how duct scenes have become one of the most iconic? We want to remind you of some unforgettable duct movie scenes.

1. The Fifth Element
Do you remember how Leeloo tries to escape through the vents from Mangalores? Soon she realizes that the vents are circular and there is no escape. She remains in the vents until Korben comes to rescue her.

2. Stranger Things 3
Most of the ST fans consider Erica a real hero. A brave little girl crawls through vents to save her brother and his friends and Hawkins, Indiana from the upside-down evil. Hooray for Erica!

One of the most frightening movies in Hollywood history is the Alien. If you are about to lure the extraterrestrial creature into a vent system you better run fast, or else… It probably was the fastest vent crawling scene ever.

We just hope that all the ducts were clean!

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