Will buying a house bring you unexpected HVAC costs

Buying a house is considered a huge investment but not necessarily a good investment. If you don’t want your house to bankrupt you, you have to be smart. Follow the plan and make it worth it.

A house always has hidden costs on which you have to pay attention. For example, replacing a standard  efficiency natural gas furnace, these days, may cost you from $2.200 to $6.000. As for the A/C, replacing it will cost you from $3.300 to $6.000. Off course, the price depends on various factors such as efficiency and brand, but still, the costs are real.

As HVAC experts, we can give you a piece of advice that can bring you an edge when buying yourself a home.

Spot Inspection

If there is a leakage, you can usually notice a stain on your indoor or outdoor unit as well as on carpeting and sealings. Stains are usually caused by wear and tear or clogged and dirty drains. We suggest you to thoroughly inspect the ducts because you can never be sure just how much the replacement is gonna cost you.

Loose Connections and Rust

This problem may cost you much if you don’t spot it immediately. Loose connections are huge energy waste. Luckily they are hard to miss, you just have to be diligent in your pursuit for malfunctions.

If your knowledge of HVAC systems is limited or you simply are not sure whether the HVAC system is in a good state, call your local air duct cleaning guy to do it for you.

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