Are Extremely Hot Temperatures Bad for Your Pets?

We can barely survive extremely high temperatures, what about our pets?

When it comes to them, one thing we should have in mind: our pets are not what they used to be. Nowadays they are far from their ancestors when it comes to survival instincts.

Primal instincts are very basic and usually related to food, water, and safety. Because domesticated, animals relate to humans for survival. They used to get food, water, shelter, shots, baths, trims and thus become less resistant to outdoor factors.

For example, during summer months animals have developed survival skill knowns as panting. It is a common thing for dogs. When the dog’s body is overheated it pants, drinks a lot of water and look for shade.

How should you decide if your pet is in need of HVAC cooled room?

Animals are built to survive high temperatures but if you recognize your pet has some of the following characteristics, you should think to leave your air conditioner on, or let it in, if it is an outdoor pet.

1. If your pet is overweight.
2. If your pet is a french bulldog or any kind of bulldog or a Persian cat, you should definitely let it in because panting isn’t helpful in their case.
3. If your pet has ticker fur like husky, Alaskan malamute or again Persian cat.
4. If your pet is old and has trouble with respiratory system
5. If it is dehydrated. Common signs of dehydration in dogs are excessive panting, dry nose, and gums, vomiting, loss of appetite.

If you are not comfortable leaving your pet alone with HVAC on then you should consider raising the thermostat level, so the cooling air temperature lasts until you’re back.

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