Top 5 HVAC Tips for Dog and Cat Owners

Pets are members of our family and bring us joy. Also, owning a dog or cat can be challenging when it comes to indoor air quality and maintenance of the HVAC system. Keep your home tidy, air clean, pets and family healthy with following tips:

  • Regular cleaning and bathing

Hair all over the furniture and muddy paw prints on the carpet are usual at pet owner’s homes. Since fresh air is impossible without clean animals in the house, brush and bath them more often.

  • Keep your home clean

Pet hair and dander gets almost to every corner of the house. Mop the floors and vacuum clean carpets regularly. Make sure that the furniture is neat, so wipe it with the wet cloth.

  • Change or upgrade HVAC filter

Hair of your furry little friends makes to end up in HVAC filter, too. In that case, you will need to change it at least once a month. You can also upgrade to a filter more effective at catching dander and pet hair.

  • Clean and seal the ducts

Air duct transports the air from the HVAC system to your home. To make this process run smoothly, there shouldn’t be any dust, hair or dander get stuck in the duct. This is why AC ducts need to be always clean. Chose one of the services with the special price.

  • Maintain HVAC system regularly

Check HVAC system, keep pets and home clean, but leave the rest to the professionals. Call the local air dry cleaning team and prevent spreading allergens brought by having animals at home.

Having a pet is a great thing that can completely fulfill your heart. All you need is more care about indoor air and health conditions at home. Our professional team will maintain your HVAC system for you to have a great time with your furry buddies.

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