Keep Things Cool: Summer HVAC tips

High temperatures, humidity and frequent heat waves are exhausting for most of the people. In order to survive these summer extremes, we tend to put too much pressure on our cooling systems. However, if you push your HVAC to its limits, you could cause the overheating of the unit and even a system failure. Here are few tips that will help you to avoid HVAC damages during summer.


Dirty coils could cause various problems, with one of them being high energy bill. The science behind this phenomenon simple: dirty coils make your HVAC work harder and, therefore, consume more energy, which reflects on your monthly energy bill. Experts estimate that dirty coils could lead to 37% higher energy consumption than clean coils. On top of that, high energy consumption could cause heavy damage that could require serious and costly repairs.

Air Filters

Dirty and clogged air filters are the primary cause of poor ventilation and, hence, dusty environment. Piles of dirt, pet dander and debris, that reside in your air filters, get released in the air as soon as you turn your HVAC on. This sudden expulsion of dirt is the main cause of allergy problems, but it also leads to serious system failures. In order to keep your home environment healthy and your HVAC functional, change air filters once in 1-3 months.


As they are the part of the outdoor HVAC system, vents are exposed to extreme temperatures, wind and thunderstorms. This means that vents are more likely to suffer damage than any other part of the furnace. The solution to this problem is preventive maintenance – you should periodically inspect the vents for any obstruction and clean them regularly. This will increase the efficiency of the HVAC and keep it safe from possible damages.

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