The Best Cat Breeds for People Prone to Allergies

For people with pet allergies, adopting a cat is not advisable. Why? To answer the question, we’ll need to make a quick comparison between cats’ and dogs’ allergic potential. Allergic reactions to cat saliva, tears and dander are more common and severe than the allergy symptoms caused by the prolonged exposure to a dog. The reason is simple: cat allergens stay airborne longer than dogs’ do.This could be extremely frustrating for a true cat lover. However, if you long to adopt a cat, but you also dread the very possibility of an allergic reaction, there might still be some hope. Although hypoallergenic cat may sound like a myth, the latest studies have shown that there are some breeds that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.Here is the list of cat breeds that produce low levels of allergens:
1. Siberian cat
2. the Balinese
3. the Bengal
4. the Burmese

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