Spring Cleaning in Chicago

Winter hit Illinois hard. However, after the long and cold winter, we are finally going to have pleasant and sunny weather in March.
Early spring is the best time for cleaning and getting your house in order. One of the important appliances in your household, that is also in need of regular maintenance, is your HVAC system.

This Chicago winter was sharp and freezing (to say the least) and might have caused serious damages on your HVAC system. Besides that, with the low temperatures and snowy weather, residents of Illinois rarely had the need to turn their HVAC off. These are just some of the reasons to get your HVAC system checked by your local air duct cleaning technicians.

Here is the list of several most common issues that your HVAC might be experiencing after a long winter.

1. Dirty Heater Filters – Because of the overuse, the heater filters of your HVAC could be clogged with dirt or debris. If you notice decreased airflow and reduced warmth in your home, get your HVAC system to your local air duct cleaning professionals.

2. Frozen pipes – As the temperature begins to decrease, the risk of frozen pipes inevitably increases. This could be a serious issue, because the frozen pipe could in the end bursts, making your HVAC system useless.

3. Cycling Heat – Could be caused by dirty or clogged filter, which restricts airflow to your home. Don’t take this problem too lightly – when your heater cycles too quickly, this can lead to energy waste which always reflects on your monthly energy bill. Call your local HVAC services providers for full HVAC inspection and cleaning.

Don’t forget to contact us for more information. We’d be glad to help you with your spring cleaning!

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