Florida in February

Florida is the southernmost state of the United States. It is known as the “Sunshine State” which means it has a warm climate all year round. Because it has beautiful weather during the whole year it is always a good idea to visit or to live in Florida. The most pleasant month to be in Florida is February because it’s a bit cooler and it’s the driest month of the year.

Although Florida is paradise for those who love plenty of sunshine, every Florida resident knows that in order to feel comfortable in your home you need your A/C in a prime condition, otherwise you are going to melt down.

Sometimes dry and warm climate can affect your A/C. When your air conditioning is active for months a dramatic drop of moisture levels can make your home feel cooler than it actually is. There are many problems that can arise from dry cool air such as:

– respiratory system problems
– itchy nasal passages
– dry skin
– furniture damage (cracks, gaps)

What to do to fix the dry air problem?

As your local air duct cleaning guys, we recommend the usual air duct maintenance such as:

Dryer vent cleaning
HVAC coil cleaning
Combo cleaning
Changing filters
– Usage of humidifier

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