HVAC Coil Cleaning

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  • Coil Cleaning


Coil Cleaning

The complete cleaning of the HVAC Coil.

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Why Is Important to schedule Evaporator Coil Cleaning?
Evaporator Coil Cleaning is important for eight important reasons:

1. Clean coils
If your coils are dirty and greasy, all that dirt and grease gets lose, and goes back into the main-line, and makes your duct system dirty too soon.

2. Better A/C efficiency
A clean coil absorbs more heat, allowing the home to cool down faster. This increases the efficiency of your A/C, cutting down your cooling bills.

3. Indoor comfort
When your building cools off quickly, the inside stays more comfortable, no matter how hot it gets outside.

4. Extended life span of the equipment
If your air conditioner performs efficiently, you will avoid the wear and tear of the system. Cleaning the coil regularly can prolong the service life of your system. If your coils are dirty and greasy, the lifespan of the HVAC is much shorter, and therefore you will have to replace the HVAC System sooner rather than later.

5. No frozen coil
When the coil can’t absorb enough heat, the refrigerant may freeze, causing ice to form. This shuts down the system and results in water damage. All you have to do is keeping the coil clean to avoid such problems.

6. Better indoor air quality
If there is a mold growing on the evaporator coil, indoor air blowing over will pick it up and transport spores into the room. Cleaning the coil regularly will prevent this problem.


The evaporator coil collects water from the air passing over it and over time becomes dirty. The moisture attracts all kinds of debris, making the evaporator coil clogged. Here’s how to keep it clean:

Replace the filter
The first line of defense from dirt and debris is a clean air filter. Check the filter monthly and replace it when it starts to appear dirty.

Install a UV germicidal system
Ultraviolet light is known to eliminate microorganisms such as mold, bacteria, and viruses. Installing a UV germicidal light aimed at the evaporator coil can prevent anything organic from growing there. Hire a professional HVAC contractor to install one for you.

Schedule a professional coil cleaning
Evaporator coil fins are very delicate, prone to damage. Cleaning them on your own can cause them to bend, which may decrease the performance of your cooling system, even increase the risk of electric shock. To protect your investment and ensure your safety, leave coil cleaning to a licensed technician.

Schedule annual AC maintenance
Professional cleaning service includes a coil inspection and deep cleaning. We recommend scheduling it at least once or twice a year to prolong the lifespan of your system.

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