HVAC Preventive Maintenance for Virginia Winter

Long-term weather forecasts could only be approximately accurate. However, they are a necessary tool when it comes to your winter planning and preparation. According to meteorologists, winter temperatures in Virginia will be above normal, while the precipitation will be slightly above normal with below-normal snowfall. This means that there is a mild winter ahead of us. Nevertheless, you need to be prepared and cautious.

When the temperature begins to fall, we suddenly become aware that our HVAC system is an essential part of our household. Hence, we feel frustrated when we discover that our HVAC is damaged, defective or broken. In order to avoid this scenario, you need to practice regular HVAC maintenance. Here are some tips that will help you on your road to warm and stress-free wintertime:

1. Professional HVAC inspection

This is the mother of all tips. If you want your HVAC to be functional in winter, you need to call your HVAC specialist and schedule an inspection. According to an HVAC specialist, you should get at least 2 HVAC inspections per year, with the best time being the beginning of fall and the beginning of spring. However, if you start to experience problems with your HVAC system at any given time, you should contact the HVAC professional immediately.

2. Clean Air Filters

Clogged and dirty air filters could be the cause of the low efficiency of your HVAC, but they could also induce system failure. If you want to be sure that the air filters are clean, you should clean them every month.3. Reprogram the Thermostat

When you decide to make a transition from cooling to heating mode, it is highly advisable to reprogram the thermostat first. With this simple action, you are going to save energy and reduce your energy bills.

4. Replacing the Useless HVAC

If your HVAC is ancient or beyond the repair, you should replace it. HVAC systems older than 10 years could have lower performance than the new ones. Besides, an ancient HVAC could die off at any time. When you need a reliable partner for the winter season, the replacement of an old HVAC is the best solution.

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