Should You Turn Off Your HVAC System?

When the temperature at your home is right, the question that usually pops up is whether to turn off your HVAC system or leave it be. Most people believe that by turning off the HVAC system when the temperature is right or in their absence is the best for the budget.

[ultimate_spacer height=”10″]If you want to save on your energy bills and keep your HVAC system in a good shape, the answer is, do not turn off your A/C.

The benefits from leaving your A/C running are many:

• If you keep your A/C running at cold weather your pipes can’t freeze and burst.
• Keeping your A/C running can result in decreasing humidity which protects your home from mold.
• Turning up your thermostat by a couple of degrees during summer months can save you money.
• A/C runs more efficiently if it is set up at full speed. Constantly switching from off to on can result in a huge energy bill.
Lowes air duct advice for comfortable home is not to turn off your A/C when you are leaving home. Instead, every time you live your home lower the temperature by 7-8 degrees and when you get home to raise the thermostat. This is the best way to be satisfied with your home coziness and energy bills.

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