Video Camera Inspection

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution could be much more harmful than outdoor air pollution. There are many reasons to clean your HVAC system such as: clogging due to dust and debris, insects or rodents or it’s just needed as a regular maintenance practice in order to preserve good air quality.

But, how to know when your ducts are ready for a cleaning? Much of your ducts are inaccessible for a visual examination so you can’t check them by yourself. In this case, you should seek professional help.

The best way to ensure your ducts are ready for cleaning is to visually inspect them using HVAC inspection cameras.

HVAC camera allows technician to inspect dark inaccessible parts of your ducts and see a clear image  of the problem area. Moreover, the camera is able to record, save and playback captured material which  allow you to see the exact state of your ducts and compare the before and after cleaning.

Duct inspection camera consists of miniature digital capturing component attached to a push rod which enables  the device to access all duct parts. The camera is provided with LED lights that guarantees that you capture a clear image of the problem area and ensures you the ducts are completely free of debris after cleaning.

At Lowe’s air ducts we offer you a water-resistant High-tech video camera system available for inspecting the ducts. The camera shows you the before and after pictures of air ducts so you can see for yourself Lowe’s cleaning efficiency.

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