Improve Indoor Air Quality Now

Did you know that air pollution in your home can be just as bad or even worse than it is outside? The average American spends 85% of his life indoors, which makes this subject even more important.

But with a little preventative maintenance, you can improve your indoor air quality right now!

1. Keep your carpets and rugs clean.

Clean your carpets and rugs weekly, and they will keep working for you by improving the air quality in your home!

2. Control indoor humidity.

Put in balance the amount of moisture in the air with a few well-placed humidifiers.

3. Buy plants that will freshen the air.

Plants are natural air filters. Buying a few indoor plants can do wonders to improve the indoor air quality, and they also look very nice.

4. Change the AC filter regularly and check your air ducts!

Over time, dust and dander can accumulate in your ducts, reducing the overall air quality. Hire a professional to make sure your ducts are circulating fresh and clean air!

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