5 Signs That Your HVAC Is Malfunctioning

Air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems are a necessary part of a modern man’s everyday life. Unfortunately, even with regular maintenance, HVAC systems tend to develop serious faults and defects. To the inexperienced and untrained eye, this could go completely unnoticed. A gradual and systematic failing of HVAC always ends in a sudden breakdown and, for the unlucky ones, this usually happens in the middle of the season. In order to be able to detect and even anticipate problems with your HVAC system, you should pay attention to the 5 crucial signs of HVAC malfunctioning.

Weak air blowing through the ventilation system is known to be the indication of a compressor failing. On the other hand, if you notice that some areas of your home are getting cooler, while the temperature in other rooms remains unchanged, there is a good chance that the problem lies with your ducts.
Finally, poor airflow could indicate that some debris is clogging your vents. In that case, you should contact the team of HVAC professionals. Dirt in the vents or the system itself could lead to the complete failure of your HVAC, but it could also be the cause of serious health issues.

Strange sounds almost always indicate that some mechanical component has gotten loose, or that has slipped. If your HVAC system is producing sounds like rattling, clanking, or buzzing, call immediately your HVAC specialist.

Strange odors could be the warning sign of several HVAC issues. For example, a pungent smell usually implies that the wire insulation burned out. On the other hand, the musty smell is a common indicator of the mold growing inside your HVAC system.

Not getting enough cold air from your air conditioning system could be frustrating, especially when it happens on a hot summer day. In addition, this unpleasantry could be a sign of a number of issues with your HVAC. First of all, this could mean that the compressor has gone through some heavy damage. In other cases, little to no cool air could signal that the Freon’s levels are low, or that the fan is not working properly. Finally, problems with cooling could indicate that filters or the unit itself are not clean. In any case, you should get professional help and contact an HVAC specialist.

Puddles of water around your HVAC system could be a sign of various problems. Undoubtedly, the most serious of them is the refrigerant leaking. Even the small amounts of refrigerant (commonly known as the Freon) could cause some health issues, while the high concentration of the Freon could lead to serious damages to lungs and other organs.

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