Cleaning Air Ducts Actually Saves You Money

The main reason you should regularly clean your HVAC is to prevent health issues polluted indoor air may cause. But, many of us hold off calling professionals, thinking it may cost us. It may seem illogical, but when you gather all the facts, regular cleaning air ducts actually saves you money. Here are 4 main examples of how: Accumulated dust and dirt...

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10 Interesting facts about HVAC system

Here are some fun facts about the HVAC system that you may not know and will find interesting. The Romans were the first civilization to use any type of warm air heating system. A hypocaust is a system of central heating in a building that produces and circulates hot air below the floor of a room, and may also warm the...

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How To Avoid Duct Cleaning Scams?

Air duct cleaning is an industry on the rise and it is a very important service for maintaining the health of your household and keeping your HVAC system working at peak efficiency. But is the service worth it, or is it a scam? On one hand, it makes sense that your air ducts get dirty over time and it...

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What Are AC Coils and Why Are They So Important?

According to the US Energy Department, "three-quarters of all homes in the United States have air conditioners. Air conditioners use about 6% of all the electricity produced in the United States, at an annual cost of about $29 billion to homeowners." To save the environment and money, they recommend regular maintenance of our air conditioners. In order to do so,...

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3 Ways to Stop Allergies

Allergy occurs when a person's immune system reacts to substances in the environment. These substances are known as allergens and are found in dust mites, pets, pollen (grass, weed or tree), insects (bees, ticks...), molds, foods (peanuts, seafood, eggs, strawberries...) and some medicines. When people are exposed to allergens they can develop an immune reaction that leads to allergic inflammation...

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Negative Effects of Dirty Air Filters

The air filter is one of the key components of every HVAC system. It is designed for two purposes: to improve and maintain the air quality and to protect the entire system from potential malfunctions. That is why a clean air filter brings a twofold benefit: it keeps your environment healthy and your HVAC operational. However, the negative impact...

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5 Signs That Your HVAC Is Malfunctioning

Air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems are a necessary part of a modern man’s everyday life. Unfortunately, even with regular maintenance, HVAC systems tend to develop serious faults and defects. To the inexperienced and untrained eye, this could go completely unnoticed. A gradual and systematic failing of HVAC always ends in a sudden breakdown and, for the unlucky ones, this...

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What’s That Smell?

If the air coming from your AC vent is smelly, you might have a serious problem on your hands. Household odors are pretty common, and they're not necessarily caused by uncleanliness. While some smells are merely irritating, others are hazardous. Air fresheners and candles are easy to use and affordable, but all of these products contain industrial chemicals which might...

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Clogged Dryer Vents – Recipe For Disaster

Home appliances have been making our lives so much easier for so long. Without a washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, microwave, life seems impossible. But, ever thought what could happen if we don't take care of our appliances? Here's a set of dangerous scenarios caused by the negligence of just one appliance. We're talking about our dryers. Clogged dryer vents...

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The Indoor Generation

Thanks to the power of the Internet, activities like “going outside” or “being a productive member of the community” are becoming increasingly optional parts of daily life. Americans spend 90% of their time indoors and an additional 6% in an enclosed vehicle. People are living through their mobile phones, including planning their social lives, paying bills, ordering a pizza,...

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