Is Something Wrong With Your HVAC?

Keeping up with your HVAC system and knowing the warning signs will help you avoid issues you should watch out for. In the text below, read about some of the most common problems.


The HVAC system removes humidity from the air. Even in the middle of summer or early in the winter, if the indoor air is humid, it’s a sign that you need to check the HVAC.

Strange smells

If you smell something strange, like lingering or rotten, it is a sign that you have an issue with your HVAC system. If you can track the smell back to your AC vents or outdoor compressors, then it is something that a professional should check.


If strange sounds like rattling, grinding, or clunking come from your HVAC, you could have a problem with the belt or a loose part. Scheduling maintenance services right away can help you catch a small problem before it turns into a big issue.

Inconsistent temperature

The temperature in your home should be consistent from room to room. If you find one room colder or warmer than another, you likely have a problem with your HVAC.

Increase in your power bill

If your bill is higher than the last few times, it might be a sign to check your HVAC system, especially if you notice any other warning signs. It means that your unit is working overtime to keep up. Not only is it a waste of energy, but it also stresses the system.

If you notice any of these red flags, check the system. In almost all cases, a small problem left untreated will become a much larger issue.

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