Which Type of Air Conditioner Should I Choose? Part 1

Before buying an air conditioner, you should read about the different types available in the market and choose the one that suits you best. 

There are a lot of data on this subject, which can cause dilemmas. We suggest you choose based on the size of your home.

There are two large groups of air conditioners. Central Air Conditioners and Room Air Conditioners such as Central AC, Portable AC, Window AC, HVAC, Ductless Mini-Split AC, Wall AC, Hydrotechnical heating…See what are the advantages and disadvantages and choose the AC that suits you best:

1. Central air conditioners

A central air conditioning system is the preferred system for larger homes. Central air conditioning will provide more even cooling throughout the house and is more efficient than any other solution.

2. Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are practical because you can move them from room to room.

3. Window air conditioners

A window cooling system is the best solution for small apartments or offices. 

To be continued…

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