What is the Difference between AC and HVAC

Probably the biggest confusion is in the terms HVAC and AC units. Yes, they are similar, but many do not know to distinguish them.

What is an HVAC unit?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The HVAC unit is responsible for heating and cooling the air in your home and provides ventilation to allow moisture to escape. Your HVAC unit includes the furnace, air conditioning unit, and any ducts or vents designed to release moisture. The way to easily remember is that all HVAC units have air conditioning units, but not all AC units are HVAC units.

What is an AC unit?

An AC or air conditioner is a system designed to cool the air in your home, office, etc. It is a device with fewer functions. AC unit is designed to cool the air, while it does not have the functions of heating and purifying the air.

Keep in mind that The “V” in HVAC is one of the most vital components in air conditioning. Ventilating is essential for a healthy life and a healthy household. Good ventilation is important, as it ensures healthy indoor air quality.


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