Common Fall HVAC Problems

Now that summer is over, we are slowly adjusting to the colder and shorter days. This transition from cooling to heating can damage your HVAC unit if there are unsolved problems. Here are five common issues that are clear signs your system needs a tune-up before the winter.

Strange noises

Some noises that your HVAC unit makes might be regular. If you notice unusual squealing or rattling, it might be a sign that there is a motor issue. Other noises can indicate airflow issues or dirty burners. All of them show that it is time for service.

Clogged system

If your system is struggling to operate, it might be because of leaves or dirt and dust clogging the system. Cleaning the outside unit is necessary.

Broken thermostat

Even small changes in the thermostat can cause it to malfunction. Once it is time to turn on the heat, homeowners often learn that they have a malfunctioning thermostat because the furnace doesn’t seem to run correctly. Remember to check the thermostat often and contact the professionals if the problem exists.

Dirty Air Filters

During the summer season, the air conditioner is used daily, which means that air makes more passes through the filter, the duct, and the equipment. Air filters become clogged with debris, can result in poor indoor air quality and a furnace problem.

Lack of regular maintenance

If you skip regular maintenance for your heating equipment, it can result in several fall HVAC issues. It can damage main system components, leaving you without heating.

Keep your system well-maintained and clean to enjoy fall and winter days.

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