Prepare Your HVAC Unit for Winter

You know how cold it can get during the long winter nights. Although it is not winter, make sure your home is ready for colder days.

Check the thermostat

You will want to turn the heat on as soon as the temperature drops, and it’s been months since you turned on the furnace. Make sure your thermostat is still working.

Inspect your furnace

Although your furnace hasn’t been running all summer, it doesn’t guarantee that everything is in good shape. Inspect your furnace to check if it is entirely ready for the winter. Be sure that there is no moisture on the pipe, that furnace doesn’t make unusual sounds when it’s running, and that the temperature in the room is proper.

Clean air vents

When the vents are blocked, warm air is trapped in the system. It causes overheating and damage to the duct and poor efficiency. Before turning on the heating system, ensure that all vents are open.

Don’t forget your air conditioner

As colder days approach, probably the last thing on your mind is the AC unit. When you turn off your air conditioner, take extra steps to keep it tidy and ready for the spring.

Good maintenance is nothing without good cleaning. Check our packages and schedule an appointment.

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