Running AC When it’s Cold

Nowadays almost every home uses an air conditioner to cool down during the summer. It can regulate the temperature inside the room and ensure it is comfortable for anyone in the house. On cold days house can heat up during the day to, and many people like to turn on the AC before going to bed. Can this damage the AC unit?

Running AC during cold days can damage it

Some AC models aren’t made to be turned on during colder months, like AC with condensing units placed outside. The oil inside the machine can thicken when the temperature drops, and this can cause the compressor and other parts won’t work well. You may end up breaking your AC if you turn it up during colder days.

On the other hand…

On the other hand, if the unit uses a lighter oil, it will work fine even in lower outside temperatures. But, there is an opposite problem. In the summer, the oil will heat up to the point that it will not provide enough lubrication, and the condenser will be at risk of damage. Most people don’t cool off their homes during the winter, so it makes sense why the HVAC manufacturers usually use summer – weights oils.

What temperature is too cold for running the AC?

The recommendation is that users do not turn on their air conditioner units for prolonged periods if the temperature is more than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need to test the unit, wait until the temperature is above 60 degrees for a couple of days. It will allow the oil to warm up.

Wait until the late spring to test, maintain or repair your unit will reduce the risk of potential damage.

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