Air Conditioner Main Functions

We can hardly imagine a hot summer day going without the AC. Fresh breeze cooling us down is all that we need at the moment. Usually, we take those moments of relaxation for granted, without thinking about how lucky we are to have the latest cooling technology at our home.

What are the main Air Conditioner functions that provide us comfort?


The cooling function is the most important when it comes to thermo-comfort during scorching summer. How does the AC provide us with optimum levels of temperature? Hot, wet air is passing through the filter and over the evaporative coil that sits above the furnace. Evaporative coil absorbs the heat into the refrigerant, and the cools air molecules continue their way into our room.


Usually, HVAC systems go along with whole-house dehumidifiers adding value to our home by maintaining its air quality. Keeping the humidity levels down throughout your entire home is vital for avoiding structural deterioration and health issues.


There are usually two different types of filters inside the HVAC unit, primary and secondary. Why is it important to have so many air filters? By filtering the air, you will get the healthier air to breathe and a happier wallet, especially if you change them regularly.

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