How To Protect the Outdoor HVAC Unit During the Fall?

It is vital to take care of your outside unit, particularly during fall, when falling leaves and branches are everywhere. Proper care will prolong its lifespan, especially in areas where weather can be unpredictable. Here are some tips on how to protect the outdoor HVAC unit during the fall.

Use the unit cover

Unit covers are essential to keep the unit safe during rainy days. They can also prevent leaves, dirt, and debris fall into the coils of the system and blocking airflow. Blocked airflow can cause a lot of damage over time. Make sure that you don’t use a plastic cover because plastic is not a breathable material.

Keep the unit area clean

Outside units are built to handle harsh conditions and will last longer if you keep them clean. Clean dust and leaves out of the condenser and cut the vegetation at least two feet around it to ensure proper airflow.

Place a fence around the unit

The fence can hide the unit and prevent all unwanted guests from your units. It is essential to create a wall that will allow airflow by using vegetation or any other breathable and water-resistant material. Another design tip is to ensure easy access to your unit so you can easily reach your system for maintenance.

Don’t forget that properly maintaining your outdoor unit can ensure longevity and promote more comfortable indoor temperatures for your family throughout the year.


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