Fall HVAC Maintenance Part 1

Prepared or not, warmer weather and summer months are almost gone. That means that you must consider preparing your HVAC system for fall maintenance and save yourself from potential problems. So, here is the first part of the maintaining list.

Replacing air filters

Replacing air filters is one of the crucial things when it comes to HVAC maintenance. Dirty filters can make HVAC less efficient and energy bills higher. Consider replacing old filters with high-efficiency ones.

Clearing dust and debris

Clearing dust and debris from the outdoor unit is necessary. During the fall, you may clean it more often to prevent dirt, leaves, and dust from inserting your outdoor unit.

Check blower fans and motors

Check blower fans and motors because the blower is a critical part of your heating system. If the fans are covered with dirt or motors are operating slowly, system performance can suffer.

Make sure electrical parts and other connections are in good shape

A simple collapse or a wire can take down the heating system.

Move combustible products

Move combustible products away from the heating system before you turn the heat on. Not even during the heating season, the flammable product should always be away from heating appliances.

There is more HVAC maintenance that you may expect in the following blog. If you need cleaning, give us a call.

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