Five Misconceptions About the HVAC System

There is no need to believe in all the information about the HVAC system because most of them are not necessarily true. Here are some of the common HVAC misconceptions.

The bigger the HVAC unit, the better efficiency

That is wrong! The power of the system does not measure by its size. It is graded by correctly heating or cooling your home. You should choose an adequate size, based on the square footage of your home. The powerful system can work well, but it can also end up short-cycling if it is not chosen well.

You don’t have to clean around the outdoor unit

False! Dust, dirt, and leaves tend to pile up daily. Almost anything can get stuck in the vents. In that case, your system will work harder to compensate for the slowdowns, which can cause decreased efficiency and high electric bill. Regularly maintaining the outdoor unit simply by spraying down AC will move debris out.

Energy-efficient HVAC will lower energy bills

It isn’t necessarily true. To take advantage of an energy-efficient HVAC system, you should ensure that your home is well isolated and that windows are well sealed. If not, you will lose heat, and AC will use more energy to achieve a set temperature.

Air filters last more than a year

If you keep a dirty air filter longer than it should, you can have problems with HVAC efficiency and health. Change your filters every three months.

If there’s nothing wrong, there’s no need for a professional HVAC cleaning and maintaining

Maybe, but regular maintenance and cleaning are always a good idea. There are many parts of the HVAC system, and you should ensure everything is in good shape. Not keeping regular maintenance and cleaning could lead to some expensive repairs. Also, your HVAC system will last longer and be energy efficient as long as possible.

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