Keep HVAC System Safe for Kids

Kids get in trouble very frequently, do they? Parents are often required to make their homes safe for their kids. One of the parts that parents need to keep protected from their children is the HVAC system. Here are some tips on how to everybody stay safe and sound.

Cover the Condenser

A condenser is part of the air conditioning system outside of your home. Kids may accidentally bend the fins that enable air to flow in and out of the condenser. Also, they may drop a little piece of debris into the condenser, which can lower airflow in the unit. The most suitable way to protect your condenser is to put some fence or bush around it, but keep in mind that the condenser needs adequate space to promote airflow.

Protect HVAC vents

Kids like to hide things in different places in the house, especially in the HVAC vents. It can create a blockage that can make temperature control difficult in your home. To avoid your children blocking the vents, tighten the screws that hold the vent covers in order.

Keep the thermostat out of reach

Kids like to play with buttons probably because of their different colors. But it might be a bad thing for your thermostat. Using a lock on your thermostat might prevent your child from changing the temperatures without your knowledge. If your thermostat doesn’t have the password, purchase a thermostat cover to keep it safe from curious fingers.

Have your HVAC system inspected frequently

It is a good idea to have your HVAC system checked out regularly by some HVAC professionals, especially if there are toddlers in the house. They can inspect the parts of the HVAC system that might be damaged during the horseplay and make recommendations for repairs.
They can also make some suggestions that will help you to protect the HVAC system in the future.

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