How to Make Your HVAC System Beautiful?

HVAC systems can not go unnoticed. They are big and loud and take a lot of living and garden space. HVAC is an inevitable part of your interior, especially if you live in a loft or a basement. So, how can you make your HVAC look better?

1. Hide the vents with a piece of furniture or a plant

If you dislike your wall vent, hide it with a lamp, a large plant, or an armchair. Do not hang the art on the wall. It is going to block the vent, which will minimize HVAC efficiency.

2. Use the curtains to hide the vents

Curtains are an elegant, decorative solution for controlling light and creating privacy. At the same time, you can use them to hide the wall vents. Make sure to choose a natural effect, extra long curtains made of natural fabrics such as linen, because linen would not block the airflow.

3. Use the wrought iron covers

If you don’t mind HVAC vents, make sure to cover them with wrought iron cover. Nowadays, you can find the best unique, handmade wrought iron cover. They will give your home a touch of antique, precious look.

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