The Use of Ventilation Ducts in Hollywood Movies Part 1

HVAC in Hollywood 

Hollywood is a dream factory that offers carefree entertainment. To make movies more exciting and fun, directors use amazing effects, places, and ideas. Just think of the air vents crawling in popular Hollywood movies. 

We have witnessed, many times, villains using the vents to escape from the hands of the law or a hero trying to save the world at the last minute by taking a shortcut through the vents. 

In real life, it is a common misconception that vents are large enough for crawling, and it is dangerous for a person to crawl through them. But who knows, maybe one day we will witness such a thing. Until then, it only remains to remember some of the most iconic movie vent crawling scenes.

Die Hard

Die Hard is a 1990 American action-thriller movie. One of the most famous HVAC duct scenes in cinematic history was when John McClane, played by Bruce Willis, jumps into the rooftop ventilation unit in Die Hard movie. First, he successfully passes through the ventilation hole and climbs the skyscraper holding on to the fire hose. 

Two years later, McClane will walk through the air vent again in the film Die Hard 2. A group of villains takes control of the building, holding all the employees’ hostage, hoping to take the money from the vault located in the building. Little did they know, there was already a hero in air vents treating to mess their plans up. 

To be continued…

Did you know that the HVAC is a hero itself, and it saved movies and theaters?

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