HVAC in the Future

People often like to imagine how the future looks alike. Will, there be flying cars, space traveling, time travelings, bionic limbs, human-like robots, etc.

The thing is, if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Think about Jules Verne writing “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas.” He dreamed of submarines way before they were invented.

The same goes for the HVAC system. What did people use to cool down before they were invented? Did they ever dream of an HVAC system as we know it today?We know one person who had a dream, and that’s Willes Carrier, the AC inventor. From the first air conditioner till today, there’s been a long period of evolution. Nowadays, we have HVAC technology that has forever transformed the way we live. Instead of mechanical, we have electronics now taken the lead. Robust technology is replaced by smaller, more efficient equipment.

A modern HVAC system is remotely controlled, energy-efficient, sustainable, and brings comfort. We have everything we need. Why stop there? Maybe the future brings us something even better and more efficient.

Imagine an HVAC system so small it can fit in a bag, super-efficient, enough to cool down the entire home in just a couple of minutes. It would be perfect for the hot summer days ahead of us.

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