Supermarket HVAC Energy Saving

Have you ever thought about supermarket refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation? Probably not. But when you go to the supermarket, it is important for you to feel comfortable, that food is fresh, and the indoor air quality is at the highest level.

To make their customers comfortable and satisfied, supermarkets use five times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings. To achieve that, supermarkets have several applications with the specific requirement to heat, cool, and ventilate the space.

Because utilizing so much energy for the HVAC system, there is a variety of energy-saving solutions providing energy efficiency.

1. Airfoils

Using refrigerators with doors rather than open refrigerators can save you a great deal of energy. If you use open-refrigerators, think about using the airfoils to cut energy costs by a quarter.

2. Backup cooling

Backup cooling is based on the battery that stores energy when the power is cheaper. Backup cooling saves up to 20% of energy bills.

3. Energy audit

Energy audits can show you how much energy you waste and calculates energy-saving potential.

4. Regular maintenance

Since HVAC is a year-round necessity and it is under plenty of strain, it is important to invest in regular HVAC maintenance and cleaning. The more checks you deploy, the more efficient your HVAC will be and the energy costs

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