HVAC During Summer Holidays

It is summer holidays time, finally! We can briefly forget about work, the worries, loud city noises, and house errands. But, before we go on vacation, we got to make sure we left our home in a good state so we could enjoy our holidays safe and sound.

We wanted to make it easier for you, so we made a short checklist of before vacation errands.

Summer HVAC Errands

1. Do not turn off your HVAC system. Instead, turn up the temperature to 80° degrees. By doing so, you will lower the electricity costs and prevent the moisture from developing a layer of condensation which is bad for your health and your furniture as well.

2. Close the blinds. That way, you will keep the indoor air temperature constant. By closing the blinds, you will prevent the sunlight from raising the temperature in your home.3. Make sure your filters are changed and ducts cleaned. By doing so, your HVAC system will run efficiently in your absence.

By sticking to these three simple tasks, there will be no reason for worry. You will return to your home without the need to open the windows, letting in the fresh air. Should you need to schedule a pre-vacation HVAC cleaning, please, feel free to call Lowes air duct. We are only a phone call away.

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