Cool Summer Electricity Saving Advice

Heating and cooling make a huge part of our energy bills. With summer weather at our doorstep, the bills are going to be even higher.  If you want your AC to work efficiently, and save on your energy bills, follow the advice from the list below.

1. Schedule an HVAC cleaning service

The professional HVAC cleaning technician will clean and restore your HVAC unit, not only the ducts but also the outdoor unit. Removing debris from the outside unit will help the efficiency of the entire HVAC system. Efficient, clean, HVAC units spend less energy.

2. Eat raw

Maybe it sounds a bit strange, but it is healthy and practical. Give your oven a rest when it’s too hot outside. Instead of cooking, make some delicious salads, smoothies, and fruit salads. These recipes take minimal effort, make us healthy and save us on energy bills.

3. Buy a linen sofa seat cover

A linen cover will protect your sofa from pets and sticky fingers, but most importantly, it feels fresh and cool to the touch. You will enjoy spending time on your chilled couch during hot summer days.

4. Avoid using a blow dryer

If you stop using a blow dryer during summer, not only that you will save on your electricity bills, but your hair will thank you. A blow dryer sucks the moisture out of your hair, making hair cuticles brittle. Give your hair a chance to dry naturally in the sun, and enjoy its natural texture.

Also, saving energy reduces the number of toxic fumes released by power plants, conserves the earth’s natural resources, and protects ecosystems from destruction so you will do good to our planet.

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