HVAC and Humidity Fight

Humidity affects the climate in the most extreme ways. When it’s hot and humid, it feels scorching, same goes for cold weather, which feels freezing. So how does HVAC system fight humidity and create such a perfectly balanced temperature?

How does the HVAC system fights humidity?

There is that little thing inside the HVAC unit that you probably haven’t been thinking about – it is called the condenser. Thanks to the condenser, the modern HVAC units can resolve humidity issues. The condenser removes humidity thanks to condensation – turning water vapor into liquid. It is possible to do so with the help of an evaporator coil. When the hot, moist air comes in touch with the evaporator coil, it turns into water drops. Water goes to a drain then it is sent outside the building. Simple as that.

Dirty evaporator coils

Evaporator coils can get dirty over time. When they do, they aren’t efficient as they should be. If your HVAC unit isn’t removing moisture as it used to, do call your local HVAC cleaning company to see this problem through.

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